Friday, November 14, 2008

conversation on Ventrilo

ok, John and I are now on Ventrilo .... it is not all that hard to set up. Here are his instructions if you need help (especially in the middle of the night) give John (the Musician) a call:


so ... how can we use this tool for spiritual transformation? or just simply friendship? Also, is there anyone else we should include in this? Any suggestions about how we can use it or when we can all meet?


1. Go to your local walmart or another equivalent store and buy a pair of headphones with a microphone. These usually run about 20 bucks depending on quality. Make sure they are for use with a computer, usually it will say that on the package.

2. Go to, go to the "download" link on the left side, download the Ventrilo Client that best fits your operating system (most likely the first option for windows 2000 and newer)

3. Once you've download the client program and plugged in your headphones (headphone jacks are usually color coded as well as the computer jacks so you shouldn't have a problem there =OP) Open the Ventrilo program (you'll probably have an icon on your desktop.

4. Once you open Ventrilo you should see a couple options the answers are as follows:
>Click the arrow pointing to the right on the right side of the field "User Name"
>Click "New" and enter your user name into the pop-up (you can also enter a phonetic so that you can hear the name being said when logging into vent or switching channels)
>Click "Ok"
>Next click the arrow pointing right at the right side of the field entitled "Server"
>Click "New" and add the name that you want to call the server (i.e. Covthinklings)

>Next You'll fill out the "Hostname or IP" field with
then you'll fill out the "Port Number" field with
and finally you'll fill out the "Password" field with

>At this point all information needed should be filled out and you can simply press the "Connect" button on the right side of vent in order to connect to the server, there will be several different channels and you will see if there is anyone in one of the channels and you will be able to join in if you like. =O)


smokin joe said...

Hey, mark down on your calendars January 16-19. I am planning a men’s camp-out either in the Florida Keys or in the Everglades that weekend. All of the participants in this blog, past or present are invited. I believe Brian, Patrick Curry, and possibly John Meadows are planning to fly down and join us. More details to follow.

Yesterday, we had a brief but good conversation with me, Brian, Mike T. and John the Musician in the Ventrilo chat room. It was really cool to hear Brian’s soft, gentle laughter to give richness and body to his dry irony. Also, Friday Patrick C. and Travis B. popped in to say “hi.”

There are two ways (possibly more) we could use this tool. One is spontaneously. Any time two or more of us log in, we can chat audibly, any time of night or day about any topic.

Or we could also plan a weekly or monthly discussion time to supplement our discussions in the blog. For example, I would love to have John Norton tell us about his dissertation research into the Reformation and Shakespeare and be able to ask him questions, or have Patrick Curry tell us their project of planting a house church in San Antonio.

What do you think? Any suggestions?

It seems to me that Covenant Thinklings has oddly enough settled over time into being a type of ‘think tank’ for people who are oriented around ideas, concepts and issues that require some thought. A second but very important component of Covthinklings is our desire to connect trans-generationally. Patrick, John the Musican, William and Travis have all been an encouragement to us by continuing to track along with our discussions.

How could the Ventrilo conversations serve those dual purposes?

How can we use the campout in January to further complement our process?

steve H said...

I would love to be with you in January but it's not going to work. I am scheduled for hip replacement on January 6.

I will try to get set up on Ventrilo this week.

Brian Emmet said...

Glad to hear that January is "official" and I am planning to be there... a little nervous about the "camping out": will there be bugs? Do I need to bring along all my Orvis equipment and Abercrombie & Fitch togs?

For my part, I'm looking forward to hanging out w/ whoever comes, perhaps making some new friends from among Joseph's circle of friends, and experiencing further spiritual formation and transformation by being given many opportunities to practice humility and repentance by having to camp out with the likes of--

[this was said with my usual brand of friendly, gentle irony.]