Thursday, December 18, 2008

Smokin Joe's Emerging Swamp Thang

Hi guys,
we are going camping with some friends and a couple of out of town guests in January. The idea for this camping trip came up a year ago in a blog discussion about the importance of building our friendships around – non-agenda drive time together rather than structured meetings. We originally talked about calling this an ‘un conference.’ No speakers, no meetings, no agenda, just hanging out around the tents and near the beautiful Florida Bay with some good friends (with cigars and your favorite bev) doing some cool "thinkling."

If you are interested in joining us, we will start Friday afternoon, January 16th, and end about mid-day or afternoon Sunday (although those who desire can stay on another night) at Fiesta Key at mm 70.

I already have some camp sites reserved, please let me know as soon as possible if you are coming. The individual tent sites are $45 per night, if two adults share a tent, that comes out to $45 for the two-night weekend for the camping, and food should only be about another $40 per person. The entire weekend should cost about $90 per person – a little more if you are bringing your son (or sons) and want to have a tent site to yourself.

You can email me at ~Joseph


smokin joe said...

aaaaargh!!! i'll bring the rum, me hardies!

Brian Emmet said...

I'm there. Already got my ticket, and will head over to Orvis, LL Bean, and Eddie Bauer this weekend to pick up the things I need... will there be bugs? Snakes? Is there a pillow-fluffing service?

smokin joe said...

bugs should not be a problem in the FL keys ... nor should snakes. no pillow fluffing service ... but please bring your copies of "The Blue Parakeet" ... this will give us a chance to talk about interpreting scripture face-to-face.

John M. said...

Do I need ventrillo in order to qualify?

I'm there too. Like Brian, got my ticket. I'm bringing a sleeping bag. Thanks for the reinder about a pillow, Brian.

Guess Brian and I are the "couple out of town guys". Where are the rest of you brave souls? Let's get on down to the sandy shores!

John the Musician said...

Sorry John M. You can't come since I haven't seen you on vent yet. =OP JK It'll be good to see you guys in person again, I have to be honest I haven't been the best with "making time" on vent with you guys lately, Brian has this nasty tendency to pop on to vent when I'm in the middle of something very important! i.e. a video game. Whatever the case, I'll try to be a little more flexible in the future. =O)

steve H said...

It would be fun to be with you all -- that's for sure. Sadly and gladly I should be learning to walk with my new hip at that time!

smokin joe said...

If our camping weekend goes well, perhaps we can make a greater effort to get all the 'covenant' thinklings here next year for our face-to-face time.

By-the-way, John and I are really enjoying The Blue Parakeet, especially John. I found one more copy at Barnes and NObles and bought it for Miky R., Ruth's boyfriend and the man of peace in our Tuesday "god"-party. I am going to get another one for Justin, the other emerging leader and thinker in the group.

I hope we can stick with this topic Brian (Blue Parakeet). I think it has a lot to offer our group of young seekers.

by-the-way, merry Christmas. My laptop died this morning with all of my data, book notes and research on it ... (of course most, if not all is triple backed up -- Jesus saves!), so I am a little pissed this morning that rather than recieving a blessing, I am having to think about spending more money just to keep up with things. Oh well... at least my family is here.

here is to a better new year!

smokin joe said...

one more comment: I really enjoyed chapter 6, From paper to Person" in Blue Parakeet. This paragraph on page 93 really struck me in terms of our own 'covenant' foundations from the 1970s:

So too, if we frame our relationship to the Bible in terms of authority, we will inevitably have authoritarian issues emerging as theology. Here is a conclusion that has taken me nearly thirty years to come to: withing denying the legitimacy of hte various terms in which the authority approach, those who have a proper relationship to the Bible never need to speak of the Bible as their authority nor do they need to speak of their submission to the Bible. They are so in tune with God, so in love with him, that the word 'authority' is swallowed up in loving God. Even more, the word 'submission' is engulfed in the disposition of listening to God speak through the Bible and in the practice of doing what God calls us to do" (McKnight:p.93).