Friday, March 27, 2009

Covenant Skunklings

hey guys,

Brian had a "God-idea" about starting an innovative group to come up with some fresh ideas and new initiatives to reach out to the younger generation. It is called the "skunk group" or the Covenant Skunklings -- I'll let him explain why. Go to this url to read his post and contribute ideas ... anyone with really GOOD ideas and faithful participation MIGHT get a trip to Boston ...

While this forum will continue to be more oriented around theological discussion, the Covenant Skunklings will be more oriented around practical ideas for outreach to youth and the young adult generation. ALL IDEAS ARE WELCOME!



Brian Emmet said...

Please be patient if you encounter some problems as we get this new blog going--and please let me know what problems you encounter, so that we can fix them!

joe 6-pack said...

...and in the mean time, if anyone has a theological or biblical issue you would like to propose for discussion here ... let us know.

Laurel Long said...

I don't think "skunk" and fresh are compatible terms. Have you ever been in the vicinity where a skunk has been threatened? There is emitted the most stultifying aroma. It is so toxic that not breathing is better than inhaling. So, is this how you want to represent yourselves, as bringing a non-breathable atmosphere into an environment?
Sorry guys!